God will use your “bad” for someone else’s good…


Have you ever made a terrible decision? A decision you felt like you wish you would have never done? Regret? Well, so have I. Something I have learned is that GOD will use our bad, for someone else’s good. Everything happens the way he intends for them to. Sometimes, those things include destructive choices made by ourselves. Yet, will one day help someone else.

Yesterday, God showed me why I went through what I went through. He showed that I didn’t go through that dark trial for nothing. I didn’t feel the hurt and pain that I did for nothing. Though, it was something that breaks my heart until this day, he was able to use my mistake, to help prevent someone else from doing the same. How amazing is that?

While one may dwell on past mistakes and let those mistakes become them, I had to choose to do the opposite. I had to understand and accept the decision I made was terrible and so wrong, but now I have to be a blessing for someone else, as God, was a blessing to me in his forgiveness. To be there for someone that is in that dark place I was once in. To help them overcome, and show them that this place is only temporary. It DOES get better.

I’m so thankful to God to be able to yet again, experience his goodness. A lot of things we do not understand while it’s happening, but he always reveals to us the WHY. Especially when we focus on genuinely seeking him and his truth. God showed me in this moment… This is your purpose. This is your reason. This is what I want you to do. I am using you.

The power of God is so real. I pray he continues to use me to do his works. I pray he uses you. There’s nothing better than knowing God have found you worthy to be used as a vessel. There’s nothing better than God giving you purpose to fulfill. The most rewarding things are the things that have no physical reward at all… but the reward of entering into his Kingdom will be the greatest.




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